Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cody on a Scooter

Bizzy Becs has a new Blue Butterfly Stamp Line available for purchase at the store. This line is called:

Bec is dedicating this line to her DT cuz we bugged her for some boy images and BOY oh BOY are these some cuties!  This image is called Cody on a ScooterWhat a superstar hey? I layered him up with some papers I bought at Hobby Lobby last November. I used my slit punch to make a place for my ribbon to run thru the nestie shape. The word PLAY is made of stickers.

I have had a couple questions about my coloring with water color pencil crayons, blending stumps & baby oil. Now I am NO expert in this area, in fact I learned what I know from The Prairie Fairy (she has an even better tutorial HERE on Paper Craft Planet). Here's a quicky MY version.
On the left here you see my blending stumps in one container & in the other container is a sponge with some baby oil soaked into it. Some people use gamasol instead of baby oil, but the good thing about baby oil is that is doesn't smell (unless you use the baby powder scent- then your pic will be like a scratch & sniff-lol). Anywho, the pic on the right is a pkg of blending stumps unopened. I am showing you these two pics, cuz I had NO IDEA what a blending stump was!! So there you go.

#1. So I take my light green first and I start to color around the edges. Keep in mind that the blending stump will allow you to carry the color, so don't color the whole section if you want lighter parts.

#2. Then I take my blending stump & start blending the color in a small circular motion

#1   #2

#3. Then I take a darker/different shade of green & add it to areas I want to be a bit darker on his shirt
#4. Shows where I have added more color.

#3  #4

#5. woops sorry, told you I am not very good at this but this pic shows that I have blended the second color green in already and am now adding a third shade for more effect.

#6. I've started on the pants. A light shade of brown first.

#5 #6

#7. Brown blending stump, shown before blending began

#8. Shows part of the colored pants blended in already

#7   #8

#9. Shows the first shade of brown completely blended then I am adding another shade of brown overtop with the same rule as the shirt. Where I want it darkest, I'll keep adding color and blending it out.


You see the finished picture at the top on my card.
Hope this helps & inspires you to try a new technique yourself!

Take Care


Cheryl said...

Your colouring is BRILLIANT Corry and what a fabulous tutorial!!! Love the card,the papers and details are perfect!!
Hugs xx

Bec said...

Love this tutorial Corry.. I do love to see how others do their blending.. I have never tried it with Baby Oil.. I must give that a go too.. Bec xx

Janie Printz said...

Wonderful tutorial & I'm sure going to try baby oil with the blending stumps. LOVE the smell of that stuff so we can not only have a beautiful card but it will also smell like a newborn baby..
Thanks for the inspiration.