Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Looks What Coming Soon..... Pin Up Girls!!!

This new Blue Butterfly Stamps Collection will consist of 5 Sultry and Sassy Pin Up digital images that will be available from May 20th. These are great for all the older men in your life... and definitely for the young ones too... my almost 18yo nephew would for sure, much prefer a card with these images than sweet little Magnolia Edwin hehe!!
Firstly I want to 'tease' you with Ginger Beer. (Although she's more Blondie than Ginger on my card :)) - I mean not to offend anyone with the printed sentiment too... just a bit of fun!
Sorry about the dark photo. Below, you can see where I used some Dimensional Magic on the glass. It's very thick and glossy IRL.
And here's my 2nd teaser...
Maid Lucy
I gave her stocking a 'fish net' look by using a grey-lead pencil to draw in some diagonal stripes. I like this image cause you could make the stockings her legs and put a little pair of knickers on her instead. I guess it depends on the bloke receiving the card... legs man, or cheeky man?? :)
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Loz ♥


Judi said...

Oh WOW! These look absolutely BRILLIANT! Love your card - it would be perfect for my hubby, not only is he a beer man, but we have a standing joke about 'nice jugs', lol.

Judi x

Debbie said...

Really fun images.Super cards.Any man would love these.Thanks for sharing.Love Debbie x

Narelle Harrison said...

chicky babe,these cards are rockin, sassy ,smart ,playful, and totally tasteful,
love em chick
big hugz
rellz..x.x. : o )

Unknown said...

love the pin up girls!! They are so cheeky ;0)

Cor* said...

Super Awesome job!