Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to Post in Blogger

Hi everyone, as you may have noticed the Insert an Image function is not working in Blogger in Compose mode for users on Internet Explorer.

You can still add your images by using the HTML function situated on the left hand side of the Post Screen just below the Post Title Box.

I wrote my post, I then clicked on the HTML button.  Don't panic at this stage as it looks like gobbledegook.  Select the Insert an Image Icon (the little picture in the box the same as in Compose Mode). 

The option "Add an image from your Computer" will be displayed towards top on the left hand side of the screen.  Click on the Browse button, find your image to upload and upload as normal.  You can add another image by clicking on "To Add Another Image" option.

Once you have added your images, you will need to accept the conditions and agreements by ticking the box (I only had to do this the first time I used this option) and then the "Upload Image" icon will allow you to click on it to upload your images.

I then selected the Compose Mode option again and finished my post as normal. 

Hope this makes sense and will help those having difficulty in posting on Blogger.




Suzanne said...

Thanks Carolyn. This has been a big help.

Sally Richardson said...

Thanks Carolyn.. love your card as well..