Saturday, October 15, 2011

Are you having Trouble with Blogger?

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone else was having trouble with Blogger..

I am unable to see any Images.. They all have a White Squares.. I am also unable to see any headers or profile pictures..

If you know of a fix I would love any help you may have..

Take Care,
Bec xx

PS.. As this is happening I am unable to see the Design Team entries blogs..


Just in case someone else has had this issue.. I have now fixed it..

By any Chance are your using Kaspersky Anti Virus? If so here is the fix..


Click on Settings in Kaspersky > Go to Anti Banner (it would be at the very bottom of the lis)t > Go to the part that says "Use list of allowed URLS" (make sure it is ticked) Then click on Settings > Click on "Add" the add URL - - , then click OK..

Now restart your Browsers and Check your blogs.. I found that All my images have now returned in all my browsers, IE, Firefox, Chrome..

I hope this helps someone else.. Thank you "remoonline" in the Help Section for pointing this out.. I am sooooooo happy I can see images again on all blogs..


Elizabeth said...

Hi Bec, No trouble at my end - I can see all photos. I take it you have done the usual things like deleting your temporary files, history, etc., opening up in a different browser, e.g. Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer - anything's worth a try perhaps. Elizabeth x

Susan said...

Hi Bec,
I am not having any trouble but my sister says she can't see the images on MY blog! Blogger is really frustrating sometimes!
Susan xxox

Carly said...

Hi Bec .. I had this problem when I first started out ... on and off ... and have now changed to Google Chrome which is free to download. It has taken me a while to get used to a slightly different way of doing things but at least I can view things :)

Hope you manage to sort it out ... modern technology can be such a pain sometimes!

Louise F NZ said...

I am with Carly & Elizabeth, try a different browser and see how you go.

Anonymous said...

I had a lot of trouble with Net Explorer and switch to googles chrome and they have all cleared up. Hope this helps :-)