Saturday, February 26, 2011

Creating a card using Masking.

*This tutorial is going to be in two parts. Warning it is also quite picture heavy*

this first part is all about masking.  Masking i hear you ask??  Well masking is when you use two or more stamps together so that it looks like one picture.
Ok now here we go....I apologise now in advance as I tend to ramble but i hope you will be able to understand my instructions.  this is what i will be creating.

First you need to choose which stamps you will be using and how you want them to look.  I have used three Magnolia images.  I want the leaning Tilda to be in front of the window So i will need to stamp that first.
  The other Tilda will be just standing next to the window but will also be partly in front so that will need to be stamp next.  I just roughly guessed where I wanted her.

I then need to create a mask for each of these beauties.  you can do this simply by stamping them out of a scrap piece of paper, then cutting around them.  Place a small piece of double sided tape, or small pieces of a repostional tape on the back and place over original stamped image.  You can also stamp on to a sticky note (you know the post it type notes) making sure you stamp on the sticky strip bit and use that to stick your image over the top of the original image.  A special masking paper is also available.  i have never used this but have seen videos on youtube where it is used.
This has now created your mask. (sorry dont have a photo of this step, if you are a bit confused I will try to get a photo)
Now the next step I have used a stampa-ma-jig to help me line up where I want the window.
You do this by first stamping the window on the clear piece of plastic that comes with the stampa-ma-jig

Yea I used my cuttlebug plate for the stamp as I dont have an acrylic block big  Now you need to place the image on the plastic sheet over your stamped Tildas to 'line up' the window. Using the stampa-ma-jig to keep it all in position.
I then gently remove the plastic and using my acrylic block with the window I stamp gently down making sure not to move anything.  this bit can be quite tricky and is best to take you time and do it slowly.

Once all done be sure to press stamp down firmly as you want it to stamp properly right up to the edges of your masks you have placed over your other stamps.
Then remove it all carefully revealing your image.

This is what it looks like with the masks still in place.  You can see where the window has stamped all across the face of the Leaning Tilda.  Now comes the time to gently remove your masks.  remember you have pressed quite firmly with the last stamp (window) so tape will be stuck down quite well.  So please remove slowly and carefully so as not to rip the picture underneath.  This is where sticky notes are great as they only have a fairly low tack.
Ok this is the finished product and now its time to colour!!!
I hope you have understood my tutorial and if you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I will try to answer them.

I will be back (hopefully with another tutorial to show you how i have turned this image into a twisted easel card.


Unknown said...

Thanks for showing the masking. I have a tough time still! I have done it, but then when I sit down to do it, I think my brain just goes on hold or something. If I would do more, I know it would be easier for me!

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!!!

only tried it once, but plan on doing it some more!!!

Desirée-ScrapDees said...

hé thanks for the instruciotn, i have learn a lot from it!

Debbie said...

Fab tutorial Leonie.Masking is such a clever technique.Your tutorial really helped, must have a go.Take care.Debbie x

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Vicki Fraser said...

Great instructions, and gorgeous images.